Welcome to restartOS!

What is restartOS?

RestartOS is like a small live Linux distribution in a sense that there is no need to install it.  You can run it directly from the ISO/USB/SD/MicroSD that you burn it to.   What sets it apart from other live distro’s is that it boots 100% from RAM.   There is no need to keep the media plugged in while it’s running.  You can boot up an entire computer lab with the same USB device.  It is an excellent tool for moving VMs between hypervisors**. Best of all, you can run a server from an SD card for years without the card burning out.  There is much more to learn, so do feel free to consult with the documentation if this seems interesting to you.

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System Requirements

    • At least 1GB RAM (or more)
    • 1GB Disk Space (USB/MicroSD)


64-bit Intel/AMD


64-bit ARM

Orange Pi 5 Plus Image (GPU acceleration available)

Rock 5B Image (GPU acceleration available)

Raspberry Pi 4/5 Image

Odroid M1S Image

Odroid N2+ Image

** Use the clone-source and clone-target commands on the respective VMs to auto-discover each other from VMs running the restartOS ISO from different hypervisors.  Then simply initiate a full disk clone to migrate a VM out of one hypervisor and into the other.

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